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Switch Smart PoE JetStream 8 cổng Gigabit với 2 khe SFP T1500G-10PS (TL-SG2210P)

  • 8 cổng PoE với tổng nguồn điện PoE 53W và tính năng quản lý nguồn hữu ích.
  • Kết nối Ethernet Gigabit trên tất cả các cổng cung cấp truyền tải dữ liệu tốc độ tối đa.
  • Tính năng bảo mật nâng cao bao gồm liên kết cổng IP-MAC, ACL, Cổng bảo mật, Bảo vệ DoS, Storm Control, DHCP Snooping, 802.1X và Radius Authentication
  • L2/L3/L4 QoS và IGMP snooping tối ưu hóa các ứng dụng thoại và video
  • Chế độ quản lý WEB/CLI, SNMP, RMON mang lại nhiều tính năng quản lý.
  • Hình ảnh Firmware kép cải thiện độ tin cậy và thời gian hoạt động mạng của bạn

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Nhà sản xuất:
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Mô tả

What This Product Does

The T1600G-28PS provides 24 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports which support 802.3at/af-compliant PoE, with a total PoE power supply up to 192W, powerful and ­flexible enough for users to deploy wireless access points or IP-based network surveillance cameras. The switch is also equipped with 4 Gigabit SFP slots, expanding your network fl­exibly. In addition, it provides high performance, powerful L2 and L2+ features like static routing, enterprise-level QoS, and useful security strategies.

Static Routing helps route internal traffic for more efficient use of network resources. The Storm Control feature protects against Broadcast, Multicast and Unknown unicast Storm. 802.1X and Radius Authentication allows network client to be authenticated through external Radius Servers. Quality of Service (QoS, L2 to L4) provides enhanced traffic management capabilities to move your data smoother and faster. Moreover, the easy-to-use web management interfaces, along with SNMP, RMON and Dual Image, mean faster setup and configuration with less downtime. With all these advanced features, the JetStream Gigabit Smart PoE+ Switch T1600G-28PS is an ideal choice for projects or business networks which need PoE function.

IEEE 802.3at/af-compliant Power over Ethernet

The T1600G-28PS provides 24 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports that support 802.3at/af-compliant PoE, with a total PoE power supply up to 192W to power any 802.3at/af compliant power device. Compact and fl­exible, the T1600G-28PS is ideal to ­flexibly use PoE to deploy wireless access points or IP-based network surveillance cameras for projects or small business networks.

Abundant L2 and L2+ features

T1600G-28PS supports rich L2 features, including 802.1Q tag VLAN, Port Isolation, Port Mirroring, STP/RSTP/MSTP, Link Aggregation Group and 802.3x Flow Control function. Besides, the switch provides advanced features for network maintenance such as Loop Back Detection, Cable Diagnostics and IGMP Snooping. IGMP snooping ensures the switch intelligently forward the multicast stream only to the appropriate subscribers while IGMP throttling & filtering restrict each subscriber on a port level to prevent unauthorized multicast access. Moreover, T1600G-28PS supports L2+ feature—static routing, which is a simple way to provide segmentation of the network with internal routing through the switch and helps network traffic for more efficient use.

Secure Networking

T1600G-28PS supports IP-MAC-Port Binding, Port Security, Storm control and DHCP Snooping which protect against broadcast storms, ARP attacks, etc. In addition, the Access Control Lists (ACL, L2 to L4) feature restricts access to sensitive network resources by denying packets based on source and destination MAC address, IP address, TCP/UDP ports and even VLAN ID. Moreover, the switch supports 802.1X, which allows network clients to be authenticated through external Radius servers. Guest VLAN function supports to enable the non-802.1X clients to access the specific network resource.

Advanced QoS features

To integrate voice, data and video service on one network, the switch applies rich QoS policies.Administrator can designate the priority of the traffic based on a variety of means including Port Priority, 802.1P Priority and DSCP Priority, to ensure that voice and video are always clear, smooth and jitter free.

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