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Anti-Shock system
It can neutralize the electric shock of 30 thousand volt.
Panic function
It is possible to open the door by handle operation only. (Including internal forced locking, optional) when the ambient temperature during fire is 65℃ or more, the function of door open and warning signal.
Double locking function
Available from inside / outside
Stop function
Stop for 30 seconds in case of abnormal operation due to more than 5 times passwords and finger print errors.
Passwords function
3~12 digits numbers are used for registration.
Finger print recognition function
Accuracy and convenience is realized by applying semi-conductor type finger print sensor. (the quantity of registration: 100ea)
Remote control function
FM method, home network door open function and interlocking is available up to 60m.
Push-pull type is applied to handle operation, privacy protection smart etiquette function, the products obtained KS standard and autonomous safe checking (KC), Fire proof type product.
Warning sound over 80db rings in case of intrusion/breakage/fire, Homenetwork system interlocking (optional), Remaining finger print exposure prevention ‘palm Touch ‘, Slim&Stylish design.
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Mô tả

Product specification

RF-Card Key/Push-Pull Type
Opening method
RF-Card Key + Passwords + Manual Key + Z-wave (optional) + remote controller (optional)
Card key
RFcard auto recognition auto-pulling function applied
Auto-pulling function-convenient one touch method
Quantity of used card
Can be registered up to 50
Emergency power
DC 6V (Alkaline battery 1.5V, 4EA / SIZE AA)
Indoor unit 82mm(W) x 320mm(H) x 73mm(D) Outdoor unit 80mm(W) x 318mm(H) x 63mm(D)
Silver, Gold

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