AVTECH’s Fuel Tank Level 1 (NC/NO) monitors the rise and fall of fuel or other harsh liquids in a container (i.e. typically a large tank). The float switch and control weight are composed of chemically-resistant polypropylene; the 16′ cable is coated with rugged PVC. Because this sensor uses a dual-point switch and differential height between switch states, you can use just one sensor to monitor two levels… both high and low.

Dimensions of the float switch are 6.1″ H x 6.7″ W. The control weight is 4″ H x 2.25″ W. The 16′ attached cable with PVC coating has a protection rating of IP67 and NEMA 6. The switch state differential range is a minimum of 10″ and a maximum of 50″. Please see the Installation Note for more information.

Product # RMA-FTL1-SEN