Bàn Phím 6160CR-2


The 6160CR-2 is an addressable remote keypad intended for use in commercial fire applications with Honeywell’s commercial fire control panels. The keys are continuously backlit for convenience and easy visibility. The LCD display is backlit only when a key is depressed*, or when the system is in alarm or trouble condition.

*Note: The LCD may be programmed to remain on at all times (see panel instructions for details).

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Mô tả

Bàn Phím 6160CR-2

  • Four programmable function keys
  • Built-in sounder
  • Seven Status LEDs
    – Armed (Red)
    – Ready (Green)
    – Power (Green)
    – Fire Alarm (Red)
    – Silenced (Yellow)
    – Supervisory (Yellow)
    – Trouble (Yellow)
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Red removable door
  • Physical 5.250″ W x 7.437″ H x 1.312″ D

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